Our Philosophy

The customer's

trust is our pride

Our Vision

Our goal is to apply our knowledge and experience in developing
residential properties of the highest value to our customers,
providing worry-free service beyond sales, with a professional
consideration to all stakeholders and an aim to give back to the society.

Mr. Theerawat Thanyalakpark
Mr. Theerawat ThanyalakparkChief Excutive Officer
Asst. Prof. Dr. Kessara Thanyalakpark
Asst. Prof. Dr. Kessara ThanyalakparkDeputy Chief Executive Officer
The Origin of Our Pride
The Origin of Our PrideThe Origin of Our Pride

The Origin of Our Pride

The company has emphasized
on the importance of the customers constantly for more than 30 years

from its beginning as a family business to become the listed real-estate development company worth over a billion Thai baht. Under the name SENA Development Public Company Limited, the owner still upholds the principle of the importance of the customer.

The commitment has shown in its vision, mission and business model. We are proud to be the quality real estate company as well as to make all customers be able to own their residences at price that's worth paying for. Moreover, during the terrible flood crisis, our company provides aid from SENA Volunteer Center that helps to take care of customers in various projects because we see all of our customers as a part of our family.

beginning as a family business
the quality real estate company
Moreover, our company has also developed project "Baan Ruam Thang Fun", to which
the revenues (after deducting expenses) were donated to hospitals to help society. We are
proud not only for what we give to our customers, employees, business partners or
shareholders but for what we contribute towards our community.

Missions of Our Organization

We drive organization by taking care of our employees, inspire them through corporate philosophy, and provide highest benefit to customers through the company’s value.
We emphasize integrated-working procedure and create corporate knowledge management system for maximum customer satisfaction.
We develop every project by managing capital and meet the needs of our customers with 360-degree services.
We grow by making alliances, taking into account all the stakeholders and new business investments.
We promote sustainability through anti-corruption, doing good deeds and giving back to the community.

Core Values

The development of a product to be proudly owned by the customer
must consist of a deep understanding and cooperation from employees of all levels.

Therefore, it is a must for all employees to share the same basic principles in working towards the same goal.
We follow 4 main principles and we like to compare it to being the 4 pillars of the SENA Home of which are:

4 Core values to success


Believe and credibility of the company enables the company to excel during the time of crisis.


Sharing our knowledge and experiences to others not only benefits them but also makes us proud of helping others.


Understanding customers by putting them at the center of all our thoughts.


Giving back to the community and the environment.