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How To l 5 Tips for Cleaning Parquet Floors


Parquet floors are unique, valuable and durable for long-term use. Therefore, we must understand and pay attention to it very well. You should know how to properly clean the parquet floors by yourself so that it will be durable and beautiful for a long time with these 5 tips. Let's start the first step.

1. Remove dust with a soft-bristle broom or use a vacuum cleaner or use a mob to push the dust out.

2. Use a damp cloth soaked with cleaners for wood floors directly. If it is cleaned by the mixture of the solution, at least 1-2 times a week is enough.

3. After wet mopping the floor, use a dry cloth to wipe the floor dry completely again. The wood will not be swollen or stained. You can also turn on the fan to help dry the floors. 

4. If deep stains are found, try using a half cup of vinegar mixed with 4-5 liters of warm water to wipe the stained area. The best way is to clean the wood floor immediately if there is a stain so it will not become a deep stain.

5. Importantly, you must be careful when moving furniture. If it is moved by dragging, it may scrape the wood floors, possibly causing the paint coating to cracked and distorted. Floor care pads or rubber pads should be placed on the furniture legs to prevent scratches.

You can apply these recommended tips as proper care will make wooden floors beautiful and durable. At SENA’s houses we select quality, valuable and charming materials for flooring with wood parquet. Regular care will make it worthwhile to use and create value for the feelings as well.

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