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Google Effect Alzheimer


Do not be shocked when you read it. Sena cares for you and can provide protection for you. But let’s get to know what it is.

🔍 Google Effect is to search Google too often that it leads to deterioration of the brain and can no longer remember what happened in the past, which is simply called Digital Amnesia.

🔎 The cause comes from human’s behavior in the present that favors search engine or search Google many times, including regularly putting them in online platform, making us forget what happened in the past faster than normal. Doesn’t matter how old are you, you can develop Alzheimer.

🔍 To prevent Google Effect “Alzheimer Condition” is…
🔘 Try to remember more details in our life.
🔘 Whatever is easy to forget, jot it down.
🔘 Stop recording anything via digital means.
🔘 Reduce information search behavior.
🔘 For any interesting topics, type them out and highlight.
🔘 Whenever you have Social Media Detox, do not play smart phone and other social media to help your brain relax.

🙃 As a matter of fact, the symptoms are not as scary as you think, if only we can adjust our behavior to use network suitably.
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