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Intelligence and Effort


March 01, 2019


There is an interesting quote from Albert Einstein which is the statement that we can apply in our daily work life, regardless of whether we are skilled scientists. He once said that, "It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer." It means that it doesn't matter that I am intelligent. What happened is just that I am able to stay with various problems longer than others. This is what Einstein said when people praised him as a world-class genius. That is the factor that made him successful at the level that he could discover the theory of relativity using for explaining various phenomena in the universe. The image of world-class genius is something that is common to people when talking about Einstein. However, he thought that his achievements were not because he was smarter than others, but they derived from his long-term and continuous effort and his patience to solve problems until they succeeded.

When looking at the reality in which we live each day, of course, we have met talented, skilled, and smart people in different places since our studying age to working age. When we meet talented people who are more successful and advanced than us, we always compare them with ourselves and think that those persons are successful because they are smarter than us. In fact, to create the achievement is not the thing that can happen overnight. It is the process that requires continuous effort and patience. The person we think that they are much better than us actually have more effort than others. Persons relying on only intelligence yet lack of effort and patience cannot create performances and achievements. In the real world of working, we encounter many problems every day. Without sufficient attention and effort, we will not be able to achieve the success according to our goals.

It is true that although we are not equal to others in the world of working, focusing on the effort at that time is the thing that we can determine and control. If we pay attention to works and do everything with effort, patience and consistency, success in working is not difficult to be achieved. Einstein also emphasized on this matter in his above-mentioned quotes when he was alive. Therefore, according to Einstein's point of view, having effort and attention to work and problems may be even more important than intelligence.

In summary, to be successful in working or doing business, things that are more important than talent or intelligence are the effort and patience towards work and problem-solving. Einstein said that what makes him work successfully was not because of his intelligence. It was because he could stay with problems longer. As a result, we can be successful like a smart person if we have the efforts.

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