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Best 3 Plants for Building Good Atmosphere in Condominium


You can feel good every day. Try to find something new that will help fulfill your feeling, such a cute plant. It not only creates attractiveness and good atmosphere in the condominium unit, but it is also an activity that helps us relax from work-related fatigue and makes us tender and calm at a certain level. The best 3 plants are as follows;

1. Cactus

Cute small plants with various species are very popular for growing in a condominium unit. Importantly, they are easy to grow and no need to water frequently. Just sprinkle it 2-3 times a week and add some fertilizers once a month. Put them on the balcony for receiving sunshine for 4-5 hours a day, alternating with placing on the desk which can help absorb radiation from the computer as well. Those who really want to grow these plants must be very patient because when adding fertilizers to these plants, changing soil, and adding stones, it requires small tools to do these. It can practice our concentration very well.

2. Monstera

Beautiful and stylish plants with curved-shape leaf have various species. It is easy to raise as well. Monstera Plant doesn't need much sunlight. It requires a bit of sunlight, otherwise the leaves may burn. It likes moisture so you can plant it the air-conditioned room. Watering it daily or twice a day but don't let it soak. Importantly, if it is grown in ceramic pots or terracotta pots that provide cool temperatures, it will be very good. Its leaves are always shiny green if we wipe them with a damp cloth soaked with water. Some people like to cut the stem to decorate in a vase instead of flowers so it is another type of feelings. It is not only a chic plant, but also helps absorb toxins and increase the oxygen in the room.

Peace Lily has beautiful, charming, dark glossy leaves with white-yellow flowers, requiring only the light from a fluorescent lamp to bloom. It can be placed on a balcony by the window, alternating with placed in the bedroom. This plant likes water. It can be planted by using loam mixed with fertilizer and coarse sand and nourishing with water soluble fertilizer 1-2 times per month. Don't forget to wipe and clean leaves with a damp cloth so that they will always be beautiful and shiny. Other than its attractiveness, it is also useful because it helps purify the air and absorb almost all kinds of toxins in the air!!!

Create a good atmosphere in your condominium unit with plants. It can be varied according to your preference and lifestyle. However, plant caring is a relaxing activity that really makes us happy.

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