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SENA announces strict measurements to take care of all 5 groups of customers with a stress on complete circle online sales


SENA announces strict measurements for the new wave of Covid-19, raising a new level of complete care covering 5 groups of workers, customers, partners, household members and the whole country, with a stress on strong points in all dimensions as well as to strive on all forms of online sales.

Assistant Professor Doctor Kessara Thanlakpark Managing Director of SENA Development Plc Ltd reveals that after the second wave of Covid 19 pandemic, Sena has practically stricter measures to prevent the widespread of Covid-19 and brings in screening methods for people with a risk to be infected by it, including the groups that make contact with the company and all staff upon travelling to risk areas to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

On top of that, there is a measurement “Sena Zero Covid” to care for everyone the same as before but stronger on all dimensions, especially 5 important groups of people accordingly:

1. Our staff “Our Family”. We are ready to take care of all of them the best we can by adding special group insurance particularly for Coronavirus.
2. Partners or Suppliers. We are prepared to fully help our partners as well as before because we fully understand the situation and crisis.
3. Customers. The company will not forsake the customers until things get back to normal, to offer them convenience. Sena will provide all projects with more sales channels and project information that cover all aspects through platforms, including Online Booking, FB Inbox, Call Center, Website, Facebooks and project staffs via line official.
4. Household members. At present there is teamwork from Victory Management Services, a branch of Sena to manage condo suites and housing projects. Victory has protection measurements and controls the widespread of the pandemic Covid-19 for customers and staff inside the projects with alcohol gel dispensing spots. The company is also responsible for cleaning the common grounds and everywhere inside the project and check the temperature of people entering the project ground, including spraying disinfectant on all spots, together with preparing QR Code “Thai Shana” for all visitors inside the projects.
5. Our country. Every one of us has to take care of ourselves and those close to us by wearing masks very time we go out, strictly follow social distancing regulation and avoid meeting people or crowds.

On this, Sena is asking all groups of people to be confident as well as assured of Sena’s commitment to prevention measures and reducing the risk of contracting the virus Covid-19, starting from all staff at the headquarters and full-time employees at all projects to wear masks, go through screening spots, measure temperatures and spraying of alcohol gel to clean hands upon entering the projects for maximum safety.

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