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SENA to close deals of debentures surpassing the target of 1.110 billion baht.


SENA to close deals on new lot of debentures totaling 1.110 billion baht, surpassing the intended target of 800 million baht against the current market, reflecting the overwhelming trust of both general investors and institutes.

Assistant Professor Dr. Kessara Thanlakpark, Managing Director of Sena Development Plc or SENA said the company has received higher than expected flow from selling new debentures between 1-2and 5 October, with major interest in reservation at 800 million baht and reserved shares of 400 million baht. This reflects the confidence in financial status and opportunity to grow of the company from institutes and major investors such as Kasikornthai Bank, CIMB Thai Limited Plc, Nomura Pattanasin Securities Plc, Asia Plus Securities and Kiatnakinpat Plc as sellers of debentures.

On this, the company has met sales target of new debentures 2/2020 totaling 1.110.04 billion baht aged 3 years and 4 months upon reaching of maturities in 2024 with consistent interest rate of 4.5% per year, paying interest every 3 month. The money received from selling the debentures will be used to pay for the debentures that will reach maturity in March 2021 and/or to use as circulation budget for the company and minor branches within 1 year.

Nevertheless, under present economic slowdown that is caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, investors still have demands for investing in debenture market continually as it brings better return compared to savings in financial institute s. The issuance of the company’s debentures have always been responded to positively, reflecting the confidence in the company’s management as a company with potential to grow and succeed in continual operation including the strategy in clearly driving the institute and investment.

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