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Sena increases horizontal ports, making 4 new brands drilling into Real Demand.


SENA expands horizontal market space to cover more of the segments following Roadmap 2020. Lastly opens 4 new brands, “SENA Village”, “SENA Ville”, “SENA Vella and “SENA Viva” to service demands from the urban market near work source. Lastly prepare to open brand new townhome “SENA Viva Buddhamonthon – 7” right after presales on 14 – 15 November at a special price of 1.99 million baht.

Assistant Professor Doctor Kessara Tanlakpark CEO of Sena Development reveals the plan to invest in horizontal project development 2020 that Sena has a policy to enlarge the market to cover more segments and therefore there will be Brand Positionings for 4 new brands, “Sena Village”, “Sena Ville”, “Sena Vella” and “Sena Viva”, with a stress on urban location to cater to the customers’ demands to buy residences near their work source. By enlarging public transport system on all sides including roads and MRT project expansion that makes travel into the city easier. Department stores are no longer crowded inside the inner city like before and that makes urban residences larger and more demanding.

As for the direction of operation and Sena’s horizontal development plan project, there will be brand communication and project development through the idea Made From Her. “If women can live comfortably, men are happy” is conveyed and extended from Made From Her in 2020. “If you think more carefully, you will live more comfortably”, the idea which is brought in to develop the project. The function design to enable usages inside the residence and services to solve problems and answer to the customers’ demands which is the origin to create differences that has become Sena’s selling points. These comprise 3 features:

1. SENA 360SENA 360 application offering special services through application that helps all in the household manage every aspect of living easier and more conveniently.
2. SENA Solar. Every unit in Sena’s project and common grounds are equipped with Solar cells to save electricity and are part of Save Earth creatively.
3. Designs of space usages following the idea of Made From Her which is meticulously thought out and cares for every square inch, to answer to many uses, plus modern, unique design, a breakthrough in function design completely breaking away from former formats.

As for Sena’s new brand opening, “Sena Ville”, “Sena Village”, “Sena Vella” and “Sena Viva” the brands are developed to cater to living demands with the prices starting from 1.5 – 10 million baht. These cover all groups of customers from settling down to extending to include aging family member in the future. The company pays close attention as well as places of importance on material selection, designs and function for all uses inside the home and environment in the project which is considered providing nice community to all in the household.

At present, Sena has opened 2 new brands “SENA Ville Lamlooka – Klong 6” 790 million worth of project on 32 rai, dividing into single homes, twin houses and townhomes that are installed with solar cell altogether 202 units. Lately Sena is ready to prepare new brand, “SENA Viva Petchkasem – Buddhamonthon 7” of which the project costs 420 million baht, developed into 2 story townhome 4 meters and 5.7 meters wide. The land size starts from over 16 square was with uses’ area starting from 103 – 127 square meters with 2-4 bedrooms, 2-3 baths and 2 car parks total 210 units.

On this, SENA Viva Petchkasem – Buddhamonthon 7 prepares to offer presales on 14 - 15 November. Meet special promotion when reserve front zone of project at just 2,000. Free all expenses upon transferring the ownership at just 1.99 million baht.

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