Sena Warehouse Sukhumvit 50

Short-term/Long-term warehouse for storage and organizing events. Secure, Convenient, and affordable with competent service. Located in the center of the city, easy to commute. Sena Warehouse (Sukhumvit 50) 02-332-6640, 080-069-5552

Special Promotion
Short-term (Less than 3 years)Long-term (3 years)
Individual Unit 300THB/sqmIndividual Unit 250 THB/sqm
Full warehouse 210-190 THB/sqmFull warehouse 170-190 THB/sqm
***30THB per sqm (More than 1 month)

Safer, cheaper and more convenient than building your own warehouse.
- Storage warehouse for rent by Sena Warehouse (Sukuhmvit 50) provide you with quality storage space.

- Located on Thanon Thang Rot Fai Sai Kao Pak Nam, Khlong Toei, Bangkok.
- Easy to commute, Logistically advantageous around Eastern Bangkok.
- Provide attentive and professional services.

Warehouse Specifications
- Aluminum structure with double curling Roman tiles roofing. Equipped with ventilation systems (Only for K2)
- Concrete with Aluminum reinforced flooring capable of carrying more than 2 tons/sqm
- Pillarless interior.
- Cement wall with 2 layers of red bricks.
- Slide gate capable of opening both ways.
- 6.5 m. height from the floor to the roof.

Public Utilities
- Complete sewage system around the warehouse.
- Fully illuminated with lighting system.
- Housekeeper and garbage disposal systems.
- 24 hours security guards.
- Full surveillance system both in and out of the property.
- 10.20 wide concrete road around the warehouse and within the property.
- Parking area in front of the warehouse transportation convenience.

 Warehouse Phase 1 LeftArea
 Warehouse Phase 1 RightArea

 Warehouse Phase 2 LeftArea

 Warehouse Phase 2 RightArea