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Conditions of Friend referral

  • Referrer must be SENA Club member and SENA HANKYU HANSHIN OWNERS CLUB customers.
  • Referrer must introduce the list of Referred People in the SENA Club system through the ‘Refer a Friend’ menu before the referee visits the project.
  • Referrals must have never been recommended by SENA Club members or other SENA HANKYU HANSHIN OWNERS CLUB members before.
  • In case you have already bought Sena’s residence, cannot be a referral.
  • Referred person agrees to provide information of name-surname, ID card number and telephone numbers for the referrer
  • In case of repetitive recommendations from different referrals, the staff will present the information of referrals who have entered the system first. Referrer selection is based on the decision of the referee which is considered to be ultimatum. Referrer and referral information are valid for 1 year from the date of confirmation from the referee. Unlimited number of refer-rals, and can be recommended by friends, ac-quaintances or family members.

**Terms and conditions are as specified by the company and we reserve the right to amend the rules and conditions without prior notice.

Update 1 January 2020

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