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Let's take a look at interviews of SENA's Residents sharing their impressions here.

The stories from SENA's member

I feel proud of my wam and safe residence.

The community here is good. Although I haven’t lived here all the time, the neighboring units always greet me. The security system is very good. Since I have lived here, there is nothing bad happened. Its system is very perfect.

คุณศิริญา กาญจนเพ็ญ

Condominium on the future location

My family lives in Sakonnakhon but I have errands in Bangkok every month. Plus, my daughter is studying at ABAC. When I travel to Bangkok, I will live around the area of SENA Project.

คุณวราพร คุณวัชรินทร์ และคุณชนากานต์ วัฒนบุตร

Pride inherited from generation to generation

Pride in the house that comes from the struggling effort to build a family and his current financial status of Theera has passed on to both children through these two houses.

คุณธีระ แก้วใส และครอบครัว

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