Right of Shareholders
1. Right to receive share certificates

According to Civil and Commercial Code, Section 1127, paragraph one, ‘the share certificate company is a certificate for a share. Or as a guide To every shareholder. ‘This share certificate is important for many shareholders. Because it is so much like a securities The shareholders used as collateral for making various legal acts. Sell ​​your shares or give them to someone else. This share certificate is evidence of the other person. The shareholders are entitled to receive share certificates from the Company.

2. Right to change share certificates

The shareholder will request to change the share certificate from the type of share certificate issued to the holder. Or change the share certificate to The holder is a named share under Section 1134, 1136.

3. Right to transfer shares

The shares issued to the holders are transferable. Without the consent of the company. Unless the named shares are transferable. The provisions of the limited company are subject to the right of transfer under Section 1129, first paragraph.

4. Right to receive dividends

When a company is profitable And the meeting approved the dividend payment to shareholders. At the end of fiscal year The shareholders are entitled to receive dividends in accordance with the regulations and the type of shares under Section 1200, 1201.

5. Right to control the operation of the company
  1. At every shareholder meeting, whether it be an ordinary meeting Or an extraordinary meeting, the company must invite every shareholder to attend the meeting. The shareholders attended the meeting. And vote in the general meeting under Section 1176
  2. At every meeting, shareholders have the right to vote on matters. The company asked for power from the shareholders. Every attendee Whatever the case, such as the appointment of a director. Defining Authorized Signatory Binding Company Capital Increase Capital Reduction Dividend Payment Set up liquidator Payment of remuneration to directors of the Company Until the dissolution of the company.
6. Right to inspect meeting minutes And Minutes of the Shareholders' Meeting

This is the job of the company. At the shareholders’ meeting Therefore, the shareholders will exercise this right completely. And effective The shareholders must know the information about the operation of the company. By reviewing the minutes of each director’s meeting and minutes of the meeting. In order to address the next meeting of the Company’s directors, it is appropriate to make the appropriate decision on whether to vote in any way under Section 1207.

7. Right to sue for revocation of the resolution of the general meeting

If the meeting has been called or convened. Or have voted against the provisions of the law or violate the company’s regulations. It was considered by the meeting that the resolution was wrong. The shareholder requested the court to revoke the resolution. By request within one month from the date of the resolution under section 1195

8. Right to sue

When a director of a company performs the work of the company, the damage to the company. However, the Company did not file a lawsuit against that director if the director made personal damage to the shareholder. The shareholder may sue the director. On their own behalf under Section 1169

9. Rights to dispose shares Or used as collateral for debt

The shares can be disposed of. This is a property that can be transferred. Without getting Company prior consent Unless it is a named share which is subject to the Company’s Articles of Association, it may be transferred under Section 1129.

10. Right to purchase new shares of the Company in proportion to its shareholding

Issuance of new shares to outsiders It may affect the ownership ratio of the company of the existing shareholders. The law requires the company to sell its new shares to its existing shareholders. According to the proportion of the original shares held under Section 1222

11. Right to receive share money and share in the company's assets. After the company dissolution And liquidated

When a company is operating, it loses its business. And if it has settled the debt to the creditors of the company and deducted the expenses, then if the remaining money has to be distributed to the shareholders in proportion to the proportion under Section 1269.

12. Other rights

Such as the right to be an auditor Right to register shareholder registration Right to request the company to send a copy of share certificate. Right to convene a shareholders’ meeting Proxy for other people to attend the meeting. The right to sue for dissolution And the right to petition To order the company to regain its registrations.