SENA is on its way to open “SENA Viva” Townhome Brand, taking over the West Zone on the bank of Bangkok, the best location for today and tomorrow.

SENA is preparing to open reservation for the West Side of Bangkok home zone in Buddhamonthon area adjacent to main road with “Sena Viva Petchkasem – Buddhamonthon 7”. Meet Presales special promotion 14 – 15 November. Open for reservation of 5.7 meters wide condo on the front zone at just 2,000 baht. Any expenses on the day of transferring ownership are free.


“SENA Viva Petchkasem – Buddhamonthon 7” is located on the land of 21-0-50.8 rai. Outstanding with the potential location on Bhuddamonthhon 7 which is considered an important network because it is a short cut from Barommarajachonnanee Road on the way to Petchkasem Road, leading to important locations as well as tourist attractions in South Nakorn Pathom. The road in front of the project is planned to enlarge Buddhamonthon 7 from originally 2 lanes to 4 lanes by 50 meters that is expected to finish in 2022. It is surrounded with full facilities such as Lotus Sampran, Police Cadet Academy, Mahidon University, Central Salaya, Don Wai Floating Market, Wat Rai King and Mettapracharak Hospital.



For new concept townhome, “Simply Living” which is aimed to make every member in the family happy, starting with simple joy on a well- designed space that helps reduce problems and concerns in daily life, with minute details on each space that is modernly designed for suitable function as well as installations of Solar Rooftop that saves expenses and fits for new families to settle down.



“SENA Viva Petchkasem – Buddhamonthon 7” is developed to be 2 floors kind of townhouses. THEE 5.7 meters wide, 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, 2 parking, 127 usable area, on 19.9 – 47.8 square was land size. TAN model, 4 meters wide, 2 bedrooms, 1 baht, 1 parking, 103 square meters usable area, on 16-40.9 square was, altogether 210 units.



Every joyful inch inside the house is built on the idea “Made From Her” which is particularly detailed and majorly aware of residents’ requirements. It is also designed to support usages and saves energy.

Stairs area has opening to collect natural sunlight, helps saving electricity during daytime. The townhome here answers to new customers who are looking forward to settle down. The room underneath is designed to change into an office or the 4th bedroom. The living room and dining room are connected, spacious and roomy. The bathroom on the first floor provides area for bathing and can be used likewise. It is divided into conveniently wet and dry area which is easy to clean. As for upstairs, the area is divided into bedroom 4 and 2 with 3 meters high ceiling, including walk-in closet. The master bedroom has private bath and 3rd bathroom that connects to bedroom 2.
Starting point for the whole family in a new home, it passes on a joyful area and conveniences inside the house. It is the answer to modern day lifestyle with designs to give usages to every square meter conveniently. It comes with energy reservation of solar installation the size of 1.28 kilowatt that offers full circle services with SENA 360 application, the kind of service that takes care of all in a household 24 hours a day. You simply have to have a smartphone. It informs you of package delivery, suitable for online shopping and thus eliminate car parking in front of the house. With car directory system and emergency call by just one touch.



Every facility in the project provides answers to all generations. It serves children at all ages such as the front lawn equipped with tree houses, sand pits, swings, multipurpose area, climbing, mini amphitheater, slopes for wheel chair, 5 times safety system. You can go in or out the project with Key Card Access, CCTV, Security Guards, SOS and do not disturb system.

Special! Promotion on presales days 14-15 November 2020, open for reservation of front zone at just 2000 baht. Free! All expenses on transferring of ownership at just 1.99 million baht. You may call for more information at Call Center 1775, press 77 or line at @senasine7 or look for information at