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SENA Solar energy

SENA Solar Energy

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SENA Solar Energy

About Us

SENA Solar Energy Company Limited is a company that operates solar energy business including solar farms and solar rooftops. The company offers consulting, design, installation and after-sales services for solar rooftops. The company ensures customers’ trust and confidence with 360 degree after-sale service strategy offered for those who are interested in installing solar rooftops or those who buy SENA houses


We are currently installing solar roofs to sell electricity to the state

Currently, Sena Solar Energy Company Limited has installed to sell commercial electricity to the state (COD) at the Sukhumvit 50 warehouse and many other projects. The installation of the Solar Roof Sukhumvit 50 will have a consistent income. Like other types of rental business of the company, while the shareholders will get confidence that the company There will be continuous growth. And in the past, have started to build solar roof in the company’s property project

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The company has jointly owned the business with B. Grimm Company Limited

With a long-term stable performance with the solar farm business, Sena Solar Energy Company Limited has jointly invested with B. Grimm Power Company Limited to build a solar farm with a total capacity of 46.5 MW and sell electricity to State (COD), which will have a full year revenue from 2016 onwards. This income will provide a stable income base with the company. By Solar Farm There are 2 together in Saraburi and Nakhon Pathom

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